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Bank BCA History And Development In Indonesia

Bank BCA History and Development In Indonesia – PT Bank Central Asia started from a trading company called NV Knitting Factory in Semarang which was established on August 10, 1955, by notary deed No. 38, this trading partnership then developed into NV Bank Central Asia, which first operated in the commercial center on the road Asemka on February 21, 1957. On 18 March 1960 was confirmed to be PT. Bank Central Asia, which is a limited liability company with an initial capital of Rp 600,000, – and aims to serve the funding needs of the growing small traders in Jakarta.

Bank Central Asia is providing some good service for the Indonesian Citizen. You can make a quick and fast transfer by using the mobile banking or internet banking features. Buy some good stuf are so easy with the use of ATM or Credit Card. But sometimes there is quite often Ilegal transaction were made by using this great feature of Bca. For example depo bola online (deposit online wagering), money laundry and so on. But the hierarchy still try they best to clear this negatif aspects.

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Bank BCA History

Since the mid-1970s, Bank Central Asia began to grow rapidly, this year can be said is the era of fast landing PT Bank Central Asia. In 1974 for example, Centrak Asia Bank together with leading financial institutions from Japan, the UK and Hong Kong began to establish a non-bank financial institution (LKBB) called PT Multi National Finance Corporation (Multicor). PT Bank Centra Asia is the largest shareholder in Multicor with 51% of total shares.

With the collaboration undertaken by Bank Central Asia and accompanied by professional management, funding and outreach of PT Bank Central Asia became large with a sizeable asset of Rp 12.8 billion in 1977. PT Bank Central Asia began to show itself as a bank which controls the banking market. Bank Central Asia continues to expand to various provinces or areas that have not been reached by other banks.

In 1977 the status of foreign exchange banks obtained by Bank Central Asia, since then various foreign exchange transactions and export-import can be served by PT Bank Central Asia. Conditions that make PT Bank Central Asia into the top private banks and leading foreign exchange bank status.

The Development Of BCA In Indonesia

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In 1981 PT Bank Central Asia together with Japan leasing corporation and the long term of Japan, Ltd. established PT Central Sari Metropolitan Leasing, a finance company, in this joint venture PT Bank Central Asia controls 30% -35% shares.

Visit Wikipedia for more references regarding complete history, Ownership and more.

Brief Bank BCA History – In 1986 PT Bank Central Asia began to open branches abroad, the first is in Nassau Bahamas then the second in China Town New York United States. Responding to the increasing demand, PT Bank Central Asia opened its third branch in London’s Sebago Representative Office.

Subsequent developments in 1988 PT Bank Central Asia was granted permission to issue Bank Central Asia Visa Travelers Checks. In addition, in cooperation with The Long Term Credit Bank of Japan, Ltd., established LTCB Central Asia, with 15% shareholding composition owned by Bank Central Asia and the remaining 85% owned by partners from Japan. The bank was established to provide long-term loans to non-oil-export oriented industrial sectors. Entering 1992 is the consolidation era for Bank Central Asia. Improving the quality of service is increasingly strived to better meet the needs of customers, as evidenced by Bank Central Asia assets at the end of December 1992 has reached Rp 41.1 trillion with a network of branch offices of 439 domestic branches and 7 overseas branches.

Below is the best feature from BCA :

  1. Internet Banking
  2. Mobile Banking Login (Android / iOS)

In connection with the banking policy of 27 October 1988 which provides for the privatization of national private banks, Rural Banks (BPRs), Foreign Banks to grant or open new offices or new branches

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